GCHQ Royal Puzzle Question 3

GCHQ Royal Puzzle Question 3

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"The celebrity pseudonymiser is a way to generate aliases. Given a person’s name think of someone famous with the same surname and use that person’s first name, then think of someone famous with the same first name and use their surname. For example DAVID CAMERON might change to RHONA WALLIAMS (after Rhona Cameron and David Walliams), or JENNA COLEMAN might change to DAVID MARONEY (after David Coleman and Jenna Maroney).

A list of award winners was put through the celebrity pseudonymiser and the results are below:


 What was Nathaniel Pargetter's award for?"

This caused quite a lot of confusion because we went down the wrong route. Of the list the second one was the first to fall due to Hugh Bonneville and Ulysses S Grant which gave Hugh Grant.

A few other Google searches later and we had a partially correct and partially incorrect list which looked like this:

  1. Anthony Quinn
  2. Hugh Grant
  3. ?
  4. Geoffrey ?
  5. Robert ?

After Anthony Ogogo, Johns Quinn, Geoffrey Chaucer and Robert Redford. We misread the question and read it as Academy Awards only so although Anthony Quinn one two Academy Awards back in the 50s, Hugh Grant had never won one, so we assumed that it must have been Cary Grant.

Next we got obsessed with the cast and crew list of The King's Speech, which had Geoffrey Rush in it and was about a Royal. The names of Colin Firth, Michael Gambon and both the girls playing the princesses game up at some point and we got ourselves into a mess.

However another student got us back on track with his independent working and it turned out the names were:

  1. Anthony Hopkins
  2. Hugh Grant
  3. Nigel Hawthorn
  4. Geoffrey Rush
  5. Robert Carlisle

Searching for which award all of these actors won gives that each won a Bafta for best leading actor in subsequent years. (We actually backtracked to get two of those names.)

The films they won it for were:

  1. 93, Shadowlands
  2. 94, Four Weddings and a Funeral
  3. 95, The Madness of King George
  4. 96, Shine
  5. 97, The Full Monty

So answering the question, the award was given for portraying George III

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