The aims of this website are to create a platform for hosting blog posts on interesting (and mostly off syllabus) maths topics, as well a better place to put my cryptic crosswords and other side projects. There will also be a focus on the history of maths and puzzles, with a mixture of articles and videos.

However I tend to go through obsessions and the first month of this website has had a lot on game theory. Be prepared for articles on whatever I am interested in on any particular day. A lot of the articles are catalysed by my students asking an interesting question that I then go and look up.

 I'm going to keep this SFW and safe for my students' consumption. I also intend to write the vast majority of the articles with only a little mathematics knowledge assumed. If you have just started taking your AS Maths then you should be fine.

You may also be interested in my podcast that I host with a friend: Odds and Evenings. A podcast on Mathematics, Puzzles, Numbers and Games.

Alaric Stephen, Maths Teacher at Hereford Sixth Form College and resident of Worcester.