Charlie's Puzzle Solutions

Charlie's Puzzle Solutions

Here's the link to Charlie's series of puzzles again. The puzzle has 4 parts, each of which has a 4 digit solution.

The first puzzle was the music round.

Hungry Like the Wolf - 7

Tainted Love - 1

Bohemian Rhapsody - 4

In the Bleak Midwinter - ?

The Old Rugged Cross - ?

Mr Blue Sky - ?

Chances - ?

These are a collection of British songs (or Irish in the case of The Old Rugged Cross) of various levels of fame. I went down a lot of dead ends with this one but it turns out they were all in the revived series of Doctor Who. The number refers to which series and filled in we get:

Hungry Like the Wolf - 7

Tainted Love - 1

Bohemian Rhapsody - 4

In the Bleak Midwinter - 6

The Old Rugged Cross - 3

Mr Blue Sky - 2

Chances - 5

So our string is 6325

Round 2 isn't completed yet. I've got 3 out of the 4 digits:


Germans will have a fine understanding of this clue.

The Spanish may prefer the havoc, hopefully.

One UFO ought to be enough for the Frenchman."

There are different numbers written in the suggested languages hidden in the text. fi(NE UN)derstaning is 9, hav(OC HO)pefully is 8 and o(NE UF)o is 9.

Update: with some prodding in the right direction from Charlie we have the answer. Another word for searches is forages, or "for ages". On the title page it says for ages 16+. Doing 16+989 we get 1005.

Puzzle 3 doesn't translate well into text, so is best viewed in the link at the top of this article. You can see that the first, third and last words are the same. The 3 letter word seemed likely to be And or The. Since the first digit was very minimal it seemed likely that it was And. Notice that every triangle side has either no bits, the first bit (running clockwise) or both bits, but never just the second bit. Working with this and the the title it seemed likely that the triangles were in trinary (ternary). Translated we get: Three thousand, three hundred and thirty three. 3333.

Puzzle 4 is in 4 parts, each giving 1 digit.



These are chess openings, although some are for white and others are for black. Colouring them in, we get the following:


So, 9.

4.b. was the first one I solved. It turned out that it was in ASCII which when converted gave:


y=3 {-2<x<2}

y=2 {-1<x<2}

x=-2 {-3<y<-2}

x=-2 {0<y<3}

x=2 {2<y<3}

x=-1 {0.733<y<2}

x=-3(y+1)^2+1 {-2<y<0}

x=-(y+1)^2+2 {-3<y<0.733}

Here's the plot from Desmos giving the digit 5:


The next puzzle was the inspiration for the last couple of days writing about Rubik's Cubes:


The moves to perform  are under the cube. If you started with a cube with the digits as shown above then you get a pretty pattern which looks like a 2x2x2 cube nested in a 3x3x3 cube. The digit in the top left of the front face is a 2.

Finally the picture round showed the third in the series of various films, games and books. So 3.

Altogether we have the sequence 6325100533339523

Alaric's Sieve

Alaric's Sieve

Rubik's Cube Hamiltonian Cycle

Rubik's Cube Hamiltonian Cycle