GCHQ Royal Puzzle Question 7

GCHQ Royal Puzzle Question 7

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"This crossword celebrates 2d and 6d.

A phrase which links this event to this organisation (11, 7, 2, 4, 3, 6, 10, 3, 6, 7, 5, 4) runs clockwise around the perimeter, starting at square 1. Solvers are invited to complete the phrase in the central, unchecked squares.

The clues are not ordinary cryptic. Instead, each clue provides an overall definition of its solution. In addition, it contains an anagram of its solution + one extra letter contained somewhere within. These extra letters, in clue order, identify a character from history.

For example: You need this licence to imply some of these definitions! Gives, POETIC which is anagrammed in the underlined part, with the extra letter M. (ps: you have been warned!)


9. This does silence. (9)
10. Central heating in one's bed. (7)
11. Gull that half loves water. (7)
12. Voyager to a star in outer space. (9)
13. On most grounds, very tense. (10)
14. Act of simple mindlessness. (6)
15. Yankee with dang high reputation. (6)
17. What one did who goes early to bed. (5)
19. Takes its chances, stings you. (6)
21. Going beyond the present mood. (10)
26. Geodesic made it cross all the way over. (9)
27. London bridge, also heck of a football team. (7)
28. Listen to the ladies and gentlemen. (7)
29. Corsair, pirate, devil's shipmate. (9)


2. Reign of purple blaze, the kind and gracious Queen. (9)
3. Impact is serious, not light. (7)
4. Prodder and tickler, end never comes. (7)
5. Keep using stamina-building foods. (7)
6. Anniversary gets attention you deserve. (6)
7. Raising of new Spanish lady. (9)
8. Glorious Last Rites, for example. (7)
16. Connect climes that are wet and windy. (9)
18. Caused when a bad timekeeper so loves his bed. (9)
20. Such as East Edinburgh? (7)
22. Where a manic clout puts me out? (7)
23. Feel, act, tailor one's touch. (7)
24. Much healthier than sugar on one's meal! (7)
25. Where Governor dispenses time. (6)"

We have been doing this mammoth crossword for days. We can do normal cryptics ever since we learned for the GCHQ Christmas Card last year, but this one is different. The first few clues we got were Elizabeth and Ninety which we were told the crossword was celebrating and also Chelsea and Nightie (because we had the first letter from Nightie). From there progress has been slow and numerous students have contributed.

Big breaks came when we solved part of the missing letters thing to end in "King of Scotland". We also had the phrase around the edge starting with "Recognising Service". Here are our efforts so far:


Missing letters: David the Second, King of Scotland.

Phrase around the outside: Recognising service at home and abroad, protecting the United Kingdom since 1909.

Two clues left:

Going beyond the present mood. (10) Missing letter E. Letters already ---t-o-e-n

 Where a maniac clout puts me out? (7) Missing letter L. Letters already --c-p-t

Any help you can give is appreciated.

But the overall answer is David II.

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