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No 2 letter clues for the first time! Whoop whoop. Not quite broadsheet standard because of 1 Ac and 24 Ac (they both have double unchecked boxes at an end of a word). I think it's clear that I started in the top left and bottom right: the other quadrants ended up all 3 letter-y and look visibly less neat.

However, all the clues are solid and there is some nice wordplay going on. And I had fun with the Salmon and Cucumber (as I have heard them referred) boxes. Don't worry if the Cucumber ones looked messed up: that'll happen at first. Look deeper.

This marked the last one that I plan to make by filling in the grid while I go along. This created an awkward grid shape. Number 5 is in the works and I started by making the grid first after reading some interesting articles on crosswordunclued. Approx 2/3rds complete and makes a marked step into longer clues.

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