Challenge III

It's been almost a year since I made the second challenge and I had so much fun making it that I've decided to make another. This one has a different format so that you can attempt the puzzles in any order, but you will need all of them to solve the final part (which isn't to say that you can't work backwards for some of them once you have worked out some themes).

The Final Puzzle is an Only Connect Wall. You will have 16 words which you need to put into 4 groups of 4. Each group will have something connecting them, but what that connection is could be literal, thematic or word play based. There is only one way to make the words fit exactly and I've laid some traps.

What makes this harder is that I'm not going to give you the words. The answers to the 16 clues below are each one word solutions and together they make up the puzzle. Don't be afraid to use Google to your heart's content and working together is very much encouraged.

I've put the form for submitting your answer at the bottom of the page.

1. Fluffy [5]

Cryptic for Challenge III.png

2. Travelling [5]

Cork - Madrid - London - Barcelona - Brussels

Kassel - Cologne - Strasbourg - Munich - Strasbourg - Nice - Florence

Prague - Split - Sarajevo

Zvolen - Valjevo - Bucharest

Kiev - Rivne - Iasi - Odessa - Ankara - Izmir

3. Joanne [7]


4. Left Out? [6]

Toy, the, wall, cars, ? 

5. The True Author [11]


6. Fantastic! [9]


7. The First [8]


8. Famous First Letters [10]

Apologies for only giving you 7 out of the 10 letters. Almost every book in my library only provided i or t. You should still have enough information.


9. Feeling Cold? [5]

9 Goo Picture.png

10. Answering Machine [5]


11. Number [2]


12. Toothy [6]

It has been pointed out to me that there was an extra character that wasn't intended, but accidently made his way in. Ignore Ted.


13. A Man of Words [5]

Who penned these? 

A Man ? and Old

? 1916

An Irish ? Foresees His Death

Meditations in ? Of Civil War

Leda and the ?


14. Who? [7]


15. Abysmal Elian Script [9]


16. A Magical Connection [7]



Here's the form. I'll give everyone five attempts at complete solutions to prevent you brute forcing this thing. If no one gets a full solution I'll give you a point for each correct word, a further point for each correct grouping and a point for each correct group name. We'll get some sort of leader board going.

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